We are Calega

Calega is an Incubator Accelerator for the Energy, Healthcare, Human Resource Intervention and Information Technology verticals of business. We are not just about venture funding, we are active partners, and consummate collaborators. We leverage our investment and industry expertise to help exciting ventures take wings. We build and supplement teams, attract new partners, and optimize the strategies and operations to get more customers and then–together–build profitable businesses. Our end goal is not just to ensure maximum value to our investors, but help build ventures that all of us are proud of. We provide our partners with access to expertise and insights, executive and technical talent, market intelligence, operations systems, policy and regulatory affairs, and business development.

We are about collaboration and commitment.

We form enduring partnerships.

We work with a singular drive to succeed

Our purpose is to create value for our investors through a Global Footprint, Deep investment Expertise, and Diverse portfolio.

We believe that true value can only be delivered through Responsible Investments.

How Calega Delivers True Value to Investors

We exist for our investors, and every Calega investment is hardwired to maximize value creation. And we know that true value can only be created if you value depth over breadth. That is why we invest in sectors we know inside out, in regions we have a strong foothold in. We invest in assets 5 core industries that we have deep expertise in. We work to optimize them, operationally and fiscally, and then sell them for a profit. We leverage our global network, deep industry knowledge, executive operations expertise and portfolio intelligence to enable our investors to achieve premium returns on their invested capital investments.

Philosophy & Approach

At the heart of the Calega advantage is our drive to deliver maximum value through our collaborative culture, global footprint, and top-tier corporate resources. Our investment team delivers strategic and operational support to our portfolio companies helping translate our Calega culture into services and capabilities to propel and optimize revenue growth. Our leadership directs and coordinates with our investment professionals to create optimal value throughout the investment lifecycle. Our approach ensures that Calega’s global network, deep industry knowledge and operational expertise are applied to our investments.

Industry Expertise

The foundation of true value creation at Calega is our Deep expertise in 5 core industries that focus our investments on. Most of our investment experts specialize in an industry sector of focus. And we share this expertise across the board through the Calega collaboration process to harness the power of our global network of experts and advisors.

The Calega Advantage

Investment Criteria

As a general guidance, Calega investments should meet the following criteria. Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries. In keeping with our guiding principles of intelligent, transparent and responsible investments, we encourage free and open discussions with and between our stakeholders (entrepreneurs, management and investors) till the project at hand is crystallized.


  • Large stake with management participation
  • Investment return objective consistent with strategic rather than financial buyers
  • Moderate use of leverage
  • No turnaround or distressed assets

Industry/ Markets

  • Large stake with management participation
  • Sectors of focus include Energy, Healthcare, HRI, and Business Services.
  • Growth industries with positive, long-term underlying macro trends and drivers.
  • Attractive competitive dynamics

Company- Specific

  • Revenues upto than $50 million
  • EBITDA typically between $2-10 million
  • Cash flow positive
  • Proven, strong structural/unit economic profitability
  • Sustainable long-term organic growth profile
  • Proven, strong structural/unit economic profitability
  • Middles East, Africa, Asia, EU
  • Platform businesses with proven business models with attractive economics
  • Growth or transformation potential
  • Strong barriers to entry (brand asset, network, innovation, control of supply or distribution, etc.)
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Value Proposition

  • Strategic, Long-term focus on value creation with a given holding period
  • Low dependence on leverage
  • Global network of companies and people
  • Strong capital base to support growth initiatives (both organic and M&A)
  • Established, highly-trusted investor with a strong reputation and track record of success

Strategic Investment and Assistance for Entrepreneurs/Promoters

  • Streamlined process with no financing contingencies
  • Competitive pricing models with a long-term holding period and approach to value creation
  • Reputation for expertise, integrity and transparency

Top Tier Management Support

  • Strong operating flexibility enabled by capital depth, moderate leverage, and long holding horizon.
  • Minimal process distraction to management
  • Continuous focus on value maximization
  • Ability to invest in value-creating initiatives
  • Opportunity to pursue strategic transactions
  • Global network of Investors
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