We are Calega

Calega is an Incubator Accelerator with expertise in the Energy, Human Resource Intervention and Information Technology Consulting. With over 40 years of relevant experience, Calega is able to successfully leverage investment and industry expertise to create value for our investors, offering a widespread Global Footprint, Deep Investment Expertise and a Diverse Portfolio.

Offering Value to Investors

At Calega, we understand the importance of value and ensuring every investment is able to reach its full potential. As an investor, you will have complete access to our global network of industry experts offering expertise on executive operations and portfolio intelligence.

Philosophy & Approach

At the heart of our unique ‘Calega Advantage’ is our drive to deliver maximum value through our collaborative culture, widespread global footprint, and corporate resources. Our investment team delivers strategic and operational support, helping translate our widespread Calega Culture into services and capabilities to propel and optimize revenue growth. Our leadership directs and coordinates with our investment professionals to create optimal value throughout the investment lifecycle.

Industry Expertise

The foundation of true value creation at Calega is our expertise spread over five core industries that we focus our investments in. Our team comprises of investment experts bringing together over 30 years’ industry experience, each specializing in a particular practice area, offering expertise to entrepreneurs in the region.

The Calega Advantage

At Calega, our leadership team of C-suite executives and sector specialists with over 30 years’ of industry experience guide our investment experts through the investment process from sourcing deals, conducting due diligence managing operations and exiting transactions. Working with Calega will allow access to entrepreneurs, industry executives, strategic investors and venture and private equity groups, ensuring your investment is identified and structured in a way that delivers maximum value.

Investment Criteria



  • Large stake with management participation
  • Investment return objective consistent with strategic rather than financial buyers
  • Moderate use of leverage
  • No turnaround or distressed assets

Industry/ Markets

  • Large stake with management participation
  • Sectors of focus include Energy, HRI and Business Services.
  • Growth industries with positive, long-term underlying macro trends and drivers.
  • Attractive competitive dynamics

Company- Specific

  • Revenues up to more than $50 million
  • EBITDA typically between $2-10 million
  • Cash flow positive
  • Proven, strong structural/unit economic profitability
  • Sustainable long-term organic growth profile
  • Middle East, Africa, Asia, EU
  • Platform businesses with proven business models with attractive economics
  • Growth or transformation potential
  • Strong barriers to entry (brand asset, network, innovation, control of supply or distribution, etc.)
  • Sustainable competitive advantage

Value Proposition

  • Strategic, Long-term focus on value creation with a given holding period
  • Low dependence on leverage
  • Global network of companies and people
  • Strong capital base to support growth initiatives (both organic and M&A)
  • Established, highly-trusted investor with a strong reputation and track record of success
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Strategic Investment and Assistance for Entrepreneurs/Promoters

  • Streamlined process with no financing contingencies
  • Competitive pricing models with a long-term holding period and approach to value creation
  • Reputation for expertise, integrity and transparency

Top Tier Management Support

  • Strong operating flexibility enabled by capital depth, moderate leverage, and long holding horizon.
  • Minimal process distraction to management
  • Continuous focus on value maximization
  • Ability to invest in value-creating initiatives
  • Opportunity to pursue strategic transactions
  • Global network of Investors

Investment portfolio

  • Tartan Global

    Tartan is focused on providing customer driven hardware solutions and support to its partners as ASUS distributor for UAE and Oman


  • Qogent Projects and Management

    QPM is a India based global project management and manpower resources company.


  • Avis Enertech

    AVIS - an engineering and Project Management Consultancy organisation offers to work with Clients in an environment of most intricate challenges by providing innovative solutions.


  • Sygmia Consulting Group

    Sygmia works to integrate technology with best practices to drive transformation of processes and growth by technology enhancement and AI powered human capital management.


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